What we believe

A. The Bible: We believe the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God. Read more.
While they are genuinely human documents they are fully inspired by God so that the wording of Scripture is as the Holy Spirit intended. Because of God’s hand the documents are without error in the original manuscripts in everything they affirm as true. Since God has providentially preserved His word we can trust the substantial authority of the existing texts of Scriptures in the original languages. They are the only authoritative standard for faith and practice for the Christian and all humanity. Hide.

B. The Trinity: We believe that God is one essence yet exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They each have precisely the same nature, attributes, and perfections, and each is worthy of the same trust and obedience. God is nevertheless numerically one.

C. The Creation: We believe that God alone is eternally self existent. We believe He is the sole creator of the universe and that he created it by divine command. Read more.
As creator God is wholly other than His creation while being present throughout it. He sustains the creation, and reveals His glory and majesty in part through what he created. He is Lord over creation and history and sovereignly acts in all events to accomplish His own just and loving purpose. God gave human kind an earth-keeping mandate which makes us responsible as stewards over the creation. Hide

D. Human Beings: We believe that God created human beings -- male and female -- in His image. God created them to find their happiness in a personal relationship with Him characterized by loving obedience. Read more.
The first human beings disobeyed Him and became sinful. Every person has inherited this sinful disposition from them though they are responsible for their own sin. As a result of their sin human beings stand under God's righteous condemnation and apart from His forgiveness will endure eternal separation from the presence of God and His blessing.Hide

E. Jesus Christ: We believe that God by His sovereign choice and out of love for human beings sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to save human beings from the penalty and power of sin. We believe that Jesus Christ became a man and was fully human and fully God. Read more.
He was born of the Virgin Mary. He lived a sinless life. He was crucified and died to pay the penalty for our sins. He was buried and raised bodily from the dead on the third day. He ascended to the Father's right hand -- to the place of universal sovereignty. From there He will return bodily to the earth to fully establish His kingdom.Hide

F. Salvation: We believe salvation is God's gift from the beginning to the end. Jesus died bearing God's righteous wrath in our place. Read more.
His death is the only ground of our deliverance from the penalty for sin and our cleansing from the stain of our true moral guilt. The Holy Spirit uses the Gospel to bring about conviction of sin, repentance and faith. Upon the basis of this repentance and faith God confers forgiveness, cleansing and reconciliation to Himself. The Holy Spirit indwells and transforms the believer morally so that while he/she still has a sinful predisposition, God redirects the believer’s mind, emotions and will to obedience to God. The Holy Spirit equips the believer with spiritual gifts for serving God and enables the believer to grow toward spiritual maturity. When we see Him we shall be like Him.Hide

G. The Church: We believe that the Church universal is all true believers of all time seen as an assembly. Read more.
We believe that individual local churches that hold the Bible’s teaching in faith and obedience are God's primary means of accomplishing His purpose for humankind. The Church -- local and universal -- exists for the glory of God through advancing His kingdom. This is achieved by: 1. leading men and women of all nations to faith in Christ and identification with him through baptism; 2. building up and equipping the members of the body so that; 3. they obey all of Christ’s teaching and live out His call in the Church and in the public square.Hide

H. The Christian Life: We believe that a believer's duty is to use the means of grace to grow in the knowledge of God and His will and in love for God and human beings. Read more.
The means of grace include: worship, fellowship with other believers, prayer, the Bible and the ordinances; all of which are primarily experienced in the context of the local church. We believe that every Christian has been endowed by the Holy Spirit with gifts to be used in accomplishing God’s purpose for the Church.Hide

I. The Ordinances: We believe that Jesus instituted Baptism and the Lord's Supper for his church to observe. Read more.
Water baptism is the believer’s willful act of identification with Christ by which the church acknowledges that a person belongs to the fellowship of Christ's church. It symbolizes God's saving work; it does not confer salvation. The Lord's Supper is a memorial meal in which believers take bread together to symbolize Christ's body broken for them and wine to symbolize Christ's blood shed for them. Like the word of God, these ordinances confer grace when united with the participants’ faith, and not by mere performance. Any true believer can administer the ordinances.Hide

J. The Last Things: We believe in the visible bodily return of Christ to the earth. We believe in the resurrection from the dead. We believe that God will judge righteously each person. Read more.
He will grant eternal life and blessedness in his presence to all true believers in Christ. Unbelievers will suffer everlasting separation from God and his blessing because of their refusal to respond obediently to God's revelation. God shall reign forever and ever.Hide